Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Nika - Catalog Cover

Nika - Catalog Cover

International Designer Niki Kapoor of Nika contacted me to shoot for her. We discussed hair, makeup, models, locations, final looks and the purpose of the final selection. We decided to divide the tasks that are required and worked together to shoot over twenty gowns with two models in a unique location that offered a variety of backdrops. The image above is the current catalog cover for Nika and was documented inside The Charlotte Council of Garden Clubs

It was and still is exciting to know my work is the Nika catalog cover and available in international markets. Markets include but not limited to Mexico, Kuwait, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and United Kingdom. Understanding this shoot contains many elements with future possibilities I will share images as the collection is released by the designer. 

Publication - Nika Catalog Cover
Designer - Niki Kapoor 
Design House - Nika 
Location - The Charlotte Council of Garden Clubs
Model - Kayla Arthur 
Makeup - Adrian D. Howe
Hair Artist - Larry D. Webb      

** A special thank you to The Charlotte Council of Garden Clubs**  ( visit C.C.G.C.)