Monday, January 13, 2014

T. Strong - StyleMayvin

T. Strong - StyleMayvin 
I first met T. Strong - StyleMayvin when I shot her for a cover and feature for a stylish magazine in Charlotte, NC. We bumped into each other again during a shoot when she styled a feature shoot. Then we had the opportunity to work together in New York after fashion week. During this shoot downtime we had time to chat about life outside of fashion. What I discovered is T is as she appears in images full of life and has a passion for fashion as art. I also discovered T. Strong is more than a brand she models, styles, engages in fashionable design for the automobile industry, attends & reviews high end fashion shows, media spokesperson, works for Calvin Klein in house and so much more. 

For me it was easy to say yes when the inquiry to shoot arrived during the holidays.... I knew it was going to be fun to regroup with someone I now consider a friend. The images above reflect a small sample of the images shot during our recent shoot. 

Shoot Team 
Photographer - Erin L. Hubbs 
Model - . T. Strong
Makeup Artist - Joy Randall 
Hair Artist - Shanae Levine 
Day of Stylist - Krystal Ellison