Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Day After

What I think is a photographers scam is the day after photo shoot for weddings. I mean who in the world wants to get redressed and pretend to roll around in a local city fountain or lay on a really green lawn.. Ohhh so edgy taking a risk with the dress after the party... come on people the formal men's jacket, polished shoes, beautiful jewelry and dress have a new photo journey....

My idea of the day after is actually documenting the couple waking up. Walking into a scene of a freshly married couple in bed. I was lucky enough to have this come to light. The images above are a few of the photos documented the morning Mike and Tara woke from their wedding in The W Hotel in Manhattan. I would like to thank Mike and Tara for allowing me to achieve one of my crazy goals by documenting this morning plus permission to display a few photos.