Monday, April 19, 2010

Charlotte Style Magazine cover shoot & top five

What a pleasure it was working on the Charlotte Style Magazine project. I had five subjects and one cover to produce in a limited amount of time. With that said it was time to research the subjects and give thought to who I see them as. I could research all I like but the matter of fact is I return to my first vision. The main idea always circles back around with a hint of keep it simple. Really it's a communication between me and the subject and not the 'stuff'.
My first subject of the day was Tasha Strong. Not only is her alter ego named Style Mayvin I knew by watching her on Fox News Style segment she had a strong personality. It just felt perfect to have her climb the boxes. So "climbing to the top" was perfect for T. Strong.
Number two was Brook Gibson. The image I received had Ms. Brook bungee jumping from some rusty old iron bridge. Perfect lucky me my location has a stack of original metal windows and to top it off her shoes just work including the purple dress that pops.... perfect. I see beautiful Brook in a more industrial light.
My next subject was Jennifer France. Jenny is a librarian who gives back to the community and one of her projects is mentoring young girls.. so to me the sweet librarian part stuck. My mood thought was perfectly relaxed. You will notice the idea of keeping it simple enhances the subject.

Rachel Sutherland is a fashion expert and has quite the media portfolio to prove it. Knowing a published writer I mentally designed this space for my friend. This soft industrial feel felt perfect for my wordsmyhth so I knew it would be fun for Rachel. The shears draped happened to match the pearls and those killer shoes I wish I could walk in w/o breaking something really pop on the raw concrete floors.

The final individual portrait is of Mike Minter. After a simple google search I noticed off the top he was a Carolina Panther... opppps common knowledge I should know. Mike has quite the background but I found out his passion that day. I asked him to tell me his message while I photographed him and it was amazing. I suggest you research him too because it seems being a famous football player is his path to a greater message.

** special thanks to Adrian D. Howe professional makeup artist for her beautiful work this day. Thank you also to The Historic Dyestuff Building board of directors and to Design Resource Group. The female images were shot in the Historic Dyestuff Building and Mike was documented in the office of Design Resource Group. The DRG office had a more masculine feel and I felt the colors would really pop. Also props goes to my set guy...thank you to Thaap Designs for the set design and install.