Sunday, June 13, 2010

Elements Events - Quail Hollow 50th Oh My So Beautiful be Jealous

pana of interior
pana exterior
pana floral

Many thanks to John Lupton of Elements Events for contacting me for this shoot. Take a look at this party... seriously people no one does it better and the images as much as I would like to say captured the event... it's so not true!!! The hanging live floral arrangements were gigantic, the rooms were stunning, perfect custom linen embroidered napkins, custom designed lighting, the open air clear tent, some many details to talk about....this week of shooting was amazing for me..... I always say can I have this at my party but this time I was so stunned it never crossed my mind!!!

I know Miami loves you John and only the best can drag you to the Carolinas but please come back Charlotte Needs YOU!!!!