Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jen and Pat

I had the privilege of shooting Jen and Pats wedding this past July. The biggest question I had was how does one photographer (me) shoot a photographers (Jen) wedding when your told to basically have fun. My immediate thoughts were B&W, grain, natural light, color for the modern side and what would I like. With that thought in mind I would like a girl portrait party shot in color and B&W, tons of bridals in a playful way that only I and my photographer understand..... to just live in the moment.

Needless to say the final selection was difficult to narrow and then to blog about... I mean how does one narrow down images to brag about. It took about a month in my free time of me getting in my own way looking at the marketing aspect verses my favorites. What I came up with was a simple slide show set to music showing a small sample of yes My Favorites. I know it's a cheaters way out but hey I generally show my favorites anyway.

I would like to thank Paris of Paris Tattoos for allowing me to crash his beautiful studio while living in the moment. So sit back and enjoy viewing a small amount of my favorites set to a great song!

** updated... I had no idea it would make a difference in the way I display the images for this posting my goal was to post and move on... so to the three anonymous people who emailed me here is a small update to make you happy. Thank you for your email....Take care, Erin **