Thursday, August 5, 2010

Reading during lunch pays off

During a late lunch today up the street I picked up Endurance magazine... why well that's all that was around excluding how to bake and sew.... why bother I was buying a sandwich and use hot glue... So flipping through admiring sports photography I noticed what looked like a photo I took a few years ago. I kept thinking this is mine, no its not, yes it is... The reason why I remember this shot is because I asked one of my brothers who rides bikes... where do I get the painful expression shots... where along this track does it just about kill everyone.. I want pain and hard work in my shots! Really at the end with a steep incline....oh yeah Erin think... So here it is... just keep in mind this is 'So Three Years Ago'....
Sports photography is a special art. You have to know the game and this town has a really good one so if you ever need a fantastic sports photographer contact me I will forward his information to you!