Wednesday, November 3, 2010

KK Bloom boutique

Molly Dana Courtney Caroline

The images above reflect a full fall shoot for KK Bloom Boutique. The amazing Kendrick Allen owner/stylist of KK Bloom blew this one out. We had so much fun over a few hours achieving the images above. Not only is Kendrick a sweet person she embraces creativity (hence the use if her amazing location and chandelier. Thank you Kendrick for choosing me to document your product.
The following people were involved with this shoot.. as it take a team of creative people to achieve this look. Also a big thank you to Jerome Simmons for the custom music for the video to be released following this posting. I just can't thank everyone enough for bring the "A" game to this shoot... Just amazing!!!
Stylist - Kendrick Allen
Professional Makeup Artist - Adrian D. Howe
Professional Hair Stylist - Faye Karanikas Salon on Selwyn
Photographer Assistant - Jaclyn Nash
Subjects/Models - Dana Banks, Caroline Early, Molly Prince, Courtney S. Schrum