Thursday, May 12, 2011

Jana Shoe the intern?

Many thanks to Jana Shoe for requesting internship.

Jana arrived as a macro photographer and to be perfectly honest I was fascinated. How does one make money being a macro photographer... science, art just how do you sell this. As part of her internship Jana developed a unique macro portfolio geared to generating sales and self promotion. It would be my pleasure to describe her new work but I would hate to spoil her story! Once she launches I will share a link. Jana also received a 'faux' client for whom she designed sets studio and or outdoor for the each product line. She updated this clients product line to the former standards while bringing unique angles. Please make note that Jana generated/sold additional ideas to her client and was regionally in print and in the real world that's billable.....

Jana also assisted me. She hauled equipment, zip tied everything, wrangled and created backdrops, fluffed fabric, held lights, perfected cable wrapping, assisted in my final image selection process. Poor thing went down my crazy fashion road she held a pineapple by a bungee cord in a 5 star hotel beside a well known makeup artists head, curled giant sections of paper at the crack of dawn, scouted locations and so much more. The good news is she did it with a smile. When you make this type of work connection the title 'intern' just goes out the window... Jana was a great decision maker and assistant. I also believe she will be a successful photographer who will shoot not only macro, product &  portraiture but anything she finds a challenge.  

Thank you Jana we will miss you!