Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A life long long ago

In one of my  past lives I was a video girl. I actually use to teach audio/video/studio.  I can break down a million dollar camera and not think twice except did I drop one of those tiny screws, I will tear apart broadcast equipment/electronics w/o fear, shake a  lens until it works again or to confirm it's really broken. Ok let me clarify with approval I did those things... my house rule is buy the warranty.With a deep sigh of denial when asked about video I have to tell the truth it's not really my thing but could be....
When approached by celebrity makeup artist Jami Savy to shoot video for her .... I stopped, listened and explained a bit of my background. The assignment was to shoot a promo video for her backstage during the Oscar de la Renta. Ok so YES YES and Really Yes I will do it and thank you!!!! The assignment was heaven and then to understand her look and feel of a crazy Isaac Mizrahi 'unzipped' I thought 'I got you'.... You desire a true handheld look so no sticks or mono pod sounds perfectly painful and I'm on it..

The great news is I also was granted permission by her production department to shoot anything I like both video and stills. So with this opportunity I took full advantage and shot stills too..... knowing the actual value of what I have being 'exclusive' video ( THANK YOU JAMI) and stills I/we/the team has a plan and have to sit on this visual candy for now. Yes it is killing me to not put it out but it's what happens a lot. I shoot things and have to sit on them sometimes for years it's just how things work... Good news is Jami is also using two images in her book titled The Beauty-Full Life.... also posted here... but otherwise everything is on lock-down....

Many thanks to Jami Savy for asking me to shoot for her. It was an amazing experience where I could be free to shoot all the artist hard at work producing such a beautiful high fashion show... Just to stand in a room with racks of beautiful clothing lightly blowing in the wind is breathtaking and to turn a corner to see all the artist working was well exhilarating and for that I can't thank Jami enough..... Thank you Jami for one of the best shooting experiences I've ever had!!!!!!!!
video stills for fun
book images