Monday, June 6, 2011

Ms. Kendrick Allen - 'Do not place brides on tables'

I simply adore brides and Sweet Kendrick for taking a risk. Thank you KK for a beautiful morning and photo party....

Prior to Kendricks (KK) arrival I scouted the locations interior and exterior. In my mind I knew it was best to leave the classic staple vignettes for the day of the photographer but also knew it was my job to place her in a few..... so I did. I did a lot of furniture moving such as the shot where she is sitting in the chair on the B&W floor but my favorite is KK on the table. Yes I did this... I pulled the girls into a dining room that was in transition. At first I believe they thought what is she up to... OK so yes the natural light is pretty but Erin the room is full of tables and chairs... I swiftly closed the door and smiled at the girls... I believe at this point KK knew what I was up to. I told everyone in the room I would 'take the heat' and have no worries to the mother of the bride. Yes Mrs. Allen was in attendance and I think she like me is NOT a rule breaker.... BUT I did not see in any rules posted that says 'Do not place brides on tables' so I went for it.... We had so much fun, a room full of rule followers laughing and encouraging KK to have fun and she did..... we all did!

When I left the staff asked for my business card... I froze and thought Oh Hell I just made the 'crazy photographer' list.... pretend you don't have one and give a fake name..... when handing over my information I thought be proud you took a risk and who cares we had a blast!  The images here are my favorites and not necessarily the best. As usual I show what I like and I'm so in love with these. Thank you for viewing!