Saturday, June 4, 2011

Product photography RedSky Gallery

I'm excited to see this product photography in use. The client needed a little dose of "Erin Says" to understand the idea of using a white background with a slight shadow. Generally when you see art documented it's on a darker color and if the truth be known my eye has a hard time 'quickly' finding the product. To sway my 'client' I did both a darker background and the white background... The white background won... yes the client actually likes it best and believe me this client is near and dear to my heart I knew it was going to be a battle.... but I was ready!

The Website White is how we discuss everything now... it simply allows the eye to see the product as a product w/o additional visual distractions. So my advise to photographers is take a risk when working with a client... ALWAYS give them what they want but also shoot they way you like.... it could work out for you.