Sunday, September 11, 2011

Vogue Magazine Party & Photography Exhibit - Fashions Night Out New York 2011

The Vogue Magazine Party info hit my inbox and I was excited about going. After a day of shooting runway with a pack of bossy photographers and a couple of really nice ones I was ready to hold my ground and take more 'photographers medicine' of sorts. The funny part was I thought just before the elevator doors open to the 7th floor of The W Hotel Time Square New York what did you get yourself into, doors open, camera out.... exit elevator and was greeted by the show explanation. The show was based on a photographers friendship/respect with mannequins/models. I  read the information and felt a sigh of relief and forgot the last second elevator mind game.

The comfort level for me with this party hit me in the face as I walked off the elevator... I actually did not care I was in a room of Vogue printed photographers and thinking about it now those photographers are printed everywhere but also support respecting the subject. I quickly figured out we have two things in common respect for the subject and wanting to be in Vogue.  I wondered around viewing the images on display and was actually stared down by this mannequin well I'm sure she was but the strange part was it was like what does she want..... I see you staring me down so I did the look around the room twice thing and she was still staring at me.. I came up with several reason for this ... 1. She noticed I spent time viewing the prints and was shocked as everyone was pretty much doing the party scene and I had a print viewing mission. 2. She wondered why I was not shooting the top stars in the space off to the side with the pack of photographers. 3. She wondered why I was not training my lens on her if she was famous. Basically it was a strange stare down competition and after a day of running in the fashion week runway photographer pack I was ready.. So yes I won the staring competition, holding my ground is something I will always do so this mind game was easy. Oh it was not a mean stare down just a strange one.

Like I thought I would get lost with my first task on hand..... to shoot the party for Style Media. I decided to leave/ditch the flash, I just don't like it and draws attention but had to for a few shots. I actually photographed two really famous people (more to come). It was pretty funny in a room of photographers I was asked to shoot the two famous people. I was laughing about the whole thing in my head because its strange how things work out... The images above are a few of my personal shots and the Style Media collection reflects a event look plus includes two special images... more to come just sharing a few I shot for me.

*I'm slowly replacing the word model with mannequin... it was explained to me this was the French way so I thought why not give that term a go here. My thought is why not wish on the future & have fun with it if I remember. Well I  understand shooting runway for Americans is almost impossible due to tight rules to keep the industry standards high and close to home.. so I'm thinking editorial will do :)