Sunday, September 11, 2011

Porter Grey - Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York Spring 2012

The cool part about what I do is I can shoot for me too. I'm pretty lucky to be able to do what I like and often time permitting I shoot for myself. The Porter Grey show was in a space called Box and it was a box. I walked in ready and promptly tossed my bag on the far corner and weaved my way in. The setting was unique and basically if you wanted a shot you moved and moved with other photographers and viewing guests. My goal was to always shoot with decorum but get the shot for Style Media. Once this goal was accomplished I circled back around for my round. Once the show started I planted myself to stage right in the very front and shot for Style. 

The fun part is photographers at these events try very hard and are vocal about where they desire to be. I was told by a photographer to move over here type of thing and I snapped back with a sweet smile saying 'Thanks but this spot works best for me'... it was so funny because I think this type of passive no but thanks really is confusing ... is she being nice or bitchy in 2 seconds type of thought but it always seems to take the photographer off guard. It's a fun way to do things in situations like this... where egos are larger than life and I'm just having fun working and have no need to be rude to get what I want... So here are a few fun images shot just for me. 

Final images will run with Style Media.