Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Adventures in slowing things down with iphone-photography

Adventures in slowing things down with iPhone-photography
The business of just snapping a photo with your cellphone can be a bit more than just snapping and forwarding or posting to social media. Cellphone photography comes with its own language, apps, groups, purists. People take the business of cellphone photography very serious and if you are into it I can see why. Its sort of punk rock photography and often 'gifts' you visual treats.... the art of not achieving the final shot but its cool. My goal is to document life when my working camera is MIA plus the ease of use including the quality is  amazing. I do question the printing but that's were the 'art' could come into play working with what it gifts.....  

The beauty of using the iPhone is I have to slow down. The idea of counting while pushing the button has come to mind because its very slow for me.. but has forced the 'wait for it' so its been a treat. I almost have a visual memory of the 9 seconds it takes for one shot and that's interesting. Basically I drank the iphone photography aka 'iphoneography' kool-aid and its a blast... ..  if you have a chance explore your phone you maybe surprised with the simple visuals in life.