Sunday, November 27, 2011

Supporting the Arts - Packed House

Supporting the Arts - Packed House
It was a packed house for The Light Factory Annual Art Auction. Such great work on the block for the cause. I was on the block for a shoot with a diamond necklace, that was mentally entertaining... all night long I wanted to snatch that beautiful thing off the stunning models neck and run but had a feeling they could identify me.... next year I will plan in advance maybe wear a wig or some platforms to hide in public because it and the Dali photo would have been on the run with me..... so I had that part worked out (haha).

More important what a great turn out for The Light Factory 30th Annual Art Auction. The message is support the arts or your favorite non-profit. Be like the cool people in these photos and embrace giving.... just give back and remember social media is free so "Share the Love Share a Link" to your favorite nonprofit you never know how it can grow. 

*TLF thank you for the flowers you guys crack me up. 
* Yes I shot these with a cellphone and I'm ok with that :)