Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Seventeen Magazine & ME !!!!!!!!!!!

Seventeen Magazine Print Ad for Nika 
Seventeen Magazine & ME !!!!!!!!!!!

Seventeen Magazine & me .... Yes three images were chosen to run in the Special Edition of Seventeen Magazine for Nika. Considering I rode into a national fashion ad with this gown I have to admit it has taken over the #4 spot on my Gown Crush list and that we have a brief sorted past. This Nika gown and I like magazine covers too so its a winner! What the interesting part is this gown just works well. It seems to fit its subject like a glove, has fun movement, great weight and the textures are pleasing to the touch. It also comes in a shorter version and is just as playful (see outtakes below). 

I confess I'm excited to be in Seventeen Magazine and not just one photo but three it's just so unexpected. We did it ......yes we I'm all about team members. Many thanks to everyone (see below, insert laugh) who worked hard & had fun creating the final image set. Being able to work closely with a client the designer of the gown to achieve a visual goal is a dream. Then throw in a team of artists to bring the beauty side to life... its simply a creative comfort something very special.... I prefer to make photo shoots look like magic to skip discussing the planning, setup, hurry up & wait, tear out, processing and deadlines. Truthfully the magic while working and having the final product make the work of photography vanish its funny how that works. 

Anyway let me keep this amazing news short and that's only because it has a shelf life of "display until 4/13/12" so I'm going to have fun with it.... yes and why not so stay tuned and laugh with me as I turn my blog and tumbler into a more visual journey with this as a kick off. Yes in 2012 less words more visual facts in blog posts and a move to just tumbler... Lucky you!

Thank you to the team listed below for allowing me to use your talents to achieve one of my goals.... 

Hair: Larry D. Webb 
Publication: Seventeen Magazine 
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