Monday, February 11, 2013

5th Anniversary Cover - Charlotte Style Magazine

5th Anniversary Cover - Charlotte Style Magazine
It is with pure excitement...  I announce I received the 5th Anniversary cover of Charlotte Style Magazine. To have my photo chosen as this cover is slightly mind numbing. It was released during several important times in fashion but most important a 5th Anniversary cover is a complete surprise. Its a complete humbling surprise to be chosen as the photographer gracing the cover of Charlotte Style Magazine. 

If you follow my blog you will know Style and I have a crush on each other. What you don't know is once the image leaves my hands I have no clue what will make the cut. I often add a wild card to the finals when submitting and hope a card is played and it was. To me this is a very important time in fashion..... compound being the anniversary cover released during fashion week... to be part of this fashion buzz is pure excitement. 

*more to come from entire shoot