Friday, March 14, 2014

Bewilderment of Boys Cover - Karon Luddy

Bewilderment of Boys Cover - Karon Luddy 
What I discovered is when I travel I can't take my friends with me but they are always with me. I talk to them when I notice something they would like. I chalked this 'tick' up to being homesick but the more I think about it, its pure artistic influence. I believe it comes from my friends 'gift me' by sharing their art form. When I see a visual postcard, say a street poster I will tear it off a wall or I shoot something if I feel 'its them'. The beauty of this habit of sharing comes from their influence of interest and my desire to say hello I thought of you. This being said the following is a quote from my sister from another mother Charlottes mother my friend but for this post Author Karon Luddy. The story of how I secured my most prestigious cover.    

Six months after my first novel Spelldown was published, my friend Erin Hubbs emailed this amazing photograph of a handsome teenage boy and a cute teenage girl sitting on opposite sides of a spewing fountain. My flesh broke out in goosebumps when I read the caption, Karlene and Billy Ray Sighting. Had my photographer friend stalked down two young characters from my novel like a paparazzi and captured the chemistry between them with her camera? But then another notion fluttered in my heart like a velvet-throated hummingbird. Maybe Karlene and Billy Ray had gone rogue on ME, their so-called author—and now lived happily in the MINDS of READERS where they could pop up, unannounced, at any time, in any place—even at a fountain in Charleston, where Erin immediately recognized them and took their picture.

Erin Hubb’s photograph inspired me to write my second novel Bewilderment of Boys—and it will be splashed across the cover of the book, which will be published in Spring 2014. - Karon Luddy