Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Penelope & Paul

Penelope & Paul were married in Pittsburgh, Pa on October 16, 2010. Sure the actual wedding was special but for me it was way more than that. Penelope is one of my life long best friends little sister and I know her as Penny. But now that she has grown up, traveled the world studying crazy brainy stuff and now known as Dr. Penelope Morrison. It was such a honor to capture her day with a wonderful guy named Paul Nelson. OK so Paul is more than just a guy he is super amazing and so perfect for Penelope. So what if Paul is a collector of estranged music, antiques and has the "Leg Lamp" from the movie A Christmas Story.. he is a keeper!!!! A balanced match of sorts, one of those things were you stand back and say .... good lord Penny don't let this one go!!!!

Many thanks to Penelope and Paul for allowing me to capture this day and for the wonderful comments they keep sending me.. I just think they as a couple are pretty special... Love you both!!!

** as a side note Penelope and Paul are also sponsors of my All Arts Photo Shoot for the Light Factorys 29th Annual Art Auction... as they support the arts and education they have donated a art supply package to the Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools.... Yes they are all about academia .. go smart people!!! *****