Monday, June 13, 2011

Ms Anna Wolf

Yes my shoot with Larry & Adrian was a two for one...... I still cant believe its true. The following images of Ms. Anna are from our organic Sunday Fun Day shoot. Just a total organic lets see what we create shoot and I believe its because we simply work well together and get out of each others way... What made this shoot so hard for me was Anna is just amazing and so easy to work with. I have never officially photographed her before so it was like taking a long walk in a beautiful park during editing. I just could not get out of my way and decide on final images because each frame was great!

Many thanks to Anna & Debbie for playing.... and to Jaclyn Nash for assisting me!

Model - Anna Wolf
Professional Hairstylist - Larry D. Webb Salon Vivace Southpark
Professional Makeup Artist - Adrian D. Howe Beauty Sophisticate
Photographer Assistant - Jaclyn Nash
** special thanks Jackie-O photo for the use of your mac daddy camera as a prop... and yes it is bigger than mine!!!!**