Saturday, September 17, 2011

Landed in NYC without a plan except time with my camera

Airport Chairs/Waiting @Gate/Working-Waiting
  In Air with coffee.   Texted Airport Image to Family & Publisher thought it was funny.   Map to Save me from GPS

Bus Leaving Airport              Finally Found a Place for My Bag                          Hey Apollo

something told this store would be good         Just street shot                 I have a thing for shooting religion 
Empty Bus this was a funny call to my people & to a writer we just laughed. I headed back to the airport  & had dinner. 

     Landed in NYC without a plan except time with my camera

Lately as hard as it is I have allowed others to tell me the what, when & how.. its just how things have worked out for me, just roll with it... I have basically given up a  lot of control but knowing when I do its always fun after all I preach team work.. With that said this is so funny.

Knowing the scheduling meeting for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and FNO was in the evening I thought why not explore areas you have not in NYC. Give Soho/China Town a go just get lost and have some alone time with my camera. Oh why not Grand Central its raining so maybe embrace the evil monopod and see what shakes out .. So the 6am flight turned to 9 then after refueling I believe I landed around 2:45.. I gave up knowing with all the announcements but no complaints I was going free form. So I have the phone app with maps easy right no worries google is my friend. 

Basically I landed in NYC without a plan and this is not normal. So I thought look at this map and take a bus  and forget the car/cab thats just silly. So I went back to the map snapped a photo and thought one bus, a couple of blocks of rain walking and then a train how fun (really).. Keep in mind I brought my camping rain gear, everything had pack covers I learned this lesson last trip when I shot Keenyah (darn still need to put that out) ANYWAY.. 

The images were shot with a cellphone because I was packed. One image that cracks me up is the empty bus.. Why is the bus empty I think its one of two reasons.. 1- I missed my stop no lie, 2- I was enjoying the people watching. Most people would be upset if they made a round trip on a NYC bus but it was funny and I had a great tour. I went past the Apollo and other historic landmarks.  Noticed people running from the rain, some without shelter and one doing his best to hide under a scrub tree while a woman stood beside him alone with a giant umbrella. Although I never made it to my random shooting location of choice nor did I shoot this ride with real gear I enjoyed the ride. 

I decided a while back it was important to embrace the ride no matter what it is. With that said I planned this adventure on the ground at random and loved the fact of being derailed. I always arrive early, try to find shooting time for me and just enjoy every second I have a camera in my hand, why sleep is my motto.... so being derailed was a gift. It is funny but looking back I needed to take that ride..... a cosmic take a seat Erin  slow down so you can participate in the journey and sometimes its ok to stop and enjoy the ride no matter where the bus takes you...