Saturday, September 17, 2011

Charlotte Style Magazine Issue Release Party

Charlotte Style Magazine Issue Release

I've learned a lot being Director of Photography for Charlotte Style Magazine and still learning but enjoying the journey. I have had the pleasure of understanding everyones needs as a point of contact for scheduling & final visual content. So many personalities and the art of placing each department together in a manor that would produce a final product my publisher would approve. The magic behind working with some amazing artist they also take you down roads you never imagined. 

Working with unique personalities on days had me translating artist to artist, listening 'harder' and certainly working on a organic level once the information was provided. Sure we had schedules,  I kept my eye on the time, we worked hard but most important we all challenged each other as artists in positive ways. The final issue took on a life of its on once the outline hit my inbox. For example I have to admit I have the cover....ok so I have been told but I really don't want to see it before it comes out. The story behind this topic is amazing but was not slated for the cover until this story took on a life of its on (In Many Many Ways) then bam it was cover.  As a rule you know the cover out of the gate but this changed so fast. I was honored I was slated to shoot this from day one, then it turning to it's one of those weird cosmic photo gifts. I cant explain the unique manor this story took visual life but I will say its really a stroke of  " this was in the cards" type of experience. 

As director of photography its a unique dance with personalities and  I know this issue is going to be pretty special for so many people and that makes me happy.  Its going to be a fantastic celebration... I'm going to enjoy knowing these artists had a blast working together and enjoy the fact I have grown with this journey. 

ps - I shot the invite image. Adrian, Larry and I had some play time with model Megan Scott.. Many thank to Megan as webgirl... she rocked it you will see more in time...