Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Working Photographer forgets to Brag about Beautiful & Kind Keenyah Hill Americans Next Top Model & Cover Girl Shoot in New York this past August

shot in Mac pro studios - funny this is how I warmup my mannequins.. lets see how far she will be pushed... WOW she is fun and game to play... Lets do this thing
It hit me this morning I was on the cover of a magazine with 5 pages inside... The Subject is/was Keenyah Hill one of Americas Next Top Models and Cover Girl.... WOW I cant believe I spaced this but can I've been on the run for months but not complaining never been happier... So here are a few out takes from the day to hold you over until my Mercedes Benz Fashion Week NYC is over... I would tell the story now but its a long one with lots of great things happening along the way... These were shot the day of and are out takes from my shoot this past August with mannequin Keenyah Hill... she was so nice and her assistant kept me laughing most of the day.. What nice people and great day all the way around even if I was shooting laying in the nasty gutter of NYC  to score on of the shots.. oh and a rain storm in Time Square really it was and that image is KILLER!!!!!