Monday, October 17, 2011

Escaping into Fur, Fashion, Laughter and Teamwork

Escaping into Fur, Fashion, Laughter and Teamwork 
I find escaping into work and creating a world a nice treat. The day of this shoot was wild on my personal side of life. Meaning this was the day to tell Erin everything that happened over the past month and that was the good, the bad and some really ugly news..... It makes me really love my people for understanding my ride has been crazy and chances are good I'm lost in the photo world so if the house is not falling down let's save the news. 

What I think this did was when it was my time to work with this fur look, shooting free shows.  I have a bit of dramatic lighting, she is slightly draped in fur and I tossed her in a corner. Looking at the images now I can see a lot of scandal, suprise and hiding behind the shadows & sunglasses. I'm not much for reading into things but this fur look is SO much in my face I have to talk about it... I also have to thank my people for their time of news delivery.... because I would place bets on the idea of not having this news I would have stuck to the master plan of shooting and now thinking about that plan ..... it would have served a purpose of nice clean commercial shots but this allowed me to shoot the way I really wanted to once my mood shifted.... . I find that when its come to being my turn in the models station I want what I want when I want it and I'm greatful people I work with understand my madness even when they had no clue of  news... they just go with it even when they know I'm straying from the plan..... thanks Adrian & Larry for giving me this freedom without calling me out when you knew my plan was well not this look. 

You will see other images/look we shot this day in short blog posts but this one I needed to write a little bit more once I figured out my personal life filtered into a shoot when I had the chance to free range shoot...

MUA - Adrian D. Howe
Hair - Larry D. Webb
Model - Courtney Peterson
** a special thanks to Ms. Courtney for the complement of "Cracktastic" because I agree you three are cracktastic and thank you for having me as your photographer this day.**