Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Courtney Peterson - Hair Hair & Oh my give me Hair

Courtney Peterson - Hair Hair & Oh my give me Hair

At the end of the shoot Ms. Courtney embraced her amazing hair. Sure she arrived model ready with her beautiful hair ready for the stylist to work and really all the proper model stuff, proper shoes, undergarments, nails perfect for any look but it was the hair and her eye pop that had me on the edge of my seat with excitement. 

The weather this day was rain and very humid but have no fear we have a hair professional on set. What he actually did was amazing he took her outside to prep her hair. I was shocked to see this as most people run from weather not Larry Webb he was ready for this look. They went outside embraced the weather worked some magic and boom you have this type of beautiful hair. I was shocked it was everything I had in mind and so much more.. I feel in love with this look and mood. Then you have Ms. Courtney who worked this look with a fresh lip color and a dash of makeup touch ups and simply rocked it out so we all jumped in and just had fun... 

It was fun to brighten things up, to get a little funky with the lighting and really just play. After all if you can't have fun while working then whats the point.... Thanks to the shoot team. 

model - Courtney Peterson 
mua - Adrian D. Howe
hair - Larry D. Webb