Friday, October 14, 2011

Olivia Pires - Nika Designs Charlotte Style Magazine

Olivia Pires - Nika Designs Charlotte Style Magazine

I'm a Cover Girl is what I like to shout but really it's just a photo I shot but hey it sounds good! The name of this cover girl is Olivia Pires and I'm pretty lucky to work with this model. Lucky for several reasons and one is her mother and NY/NC agent have her on lock down. Yes she is famous in Japan and does not talk about it, she shot the American Eagle campaign does not brag about it and I'm sure that's the tip of the iceberg... actually I know she is slated for a few national/international things so this could be the last shoot I'm allowed to have with her... YES I said allowed remember she is on lock down and her 'handlers' are very mindful of who she works with.. So thanks for the approval and knowing I/We also take good care of her image... NO Beauty School for the model it's simply not allowed.

Knowing her image is on lock down  and understand the value of being able to work with Olivia... I as the director of photography for Charlotte Style Magazine almost did not use her. I know national photography fashion trends and sorry Calvin & D. Furstenberg your winter line having to be shot in color incl. a mix of designers was not going to work for one of our three editorials, sorry I love local fashion designers but no not going to happen.... Then the Niki/Nika story hit (see below) and I knew this was the one... Sure it will be in color but its a collection of a national/international designer. Yes the clothes have been worn by a lot of famous people (read the article) this should fit and keep your fingers crossed Ms. Olivia is in Charlotte when it's time. So yes it worked because as much as I don't want to allow my personal life to filter in the work life... I know the Pires family and I believe Susan would 'jack' me and pull Olivia out of a shoot in a second so I had to do this right. The shoot team had to be right, the location if any had to be right..... oh the things I have to think about... So it was all perfect thanks to my friend Leigh Jones she just sealed the deal on the location.... (see Niki below). 

Basically what happened that this became a cover too was this entire story took on a life of its own. I cant thank my publisher enough for quietly taking a risk on this being a editorial as it was slated to be one shot in one article but really I wonder what her face looked like when she reviewed the previews... Mine was like Oh No one photo out of the day.... good luck to her for making the final selection... glad that's not my job... but she is smart she knows the value of this type of model and designer and is always on her toes with being ahead of the game... I'm just lucky she found me and asks me to play in her sandbox.

I found out in NY that this was going to be the cover and that actually it was going to be a double cover... I was stunned and had to keep my mouth shut for weeks. It was painful to not tell the team and Susan Pires the good news but the reward came when at the magazine release party , hearing Ms. Olivia say "It's Me" it was so sweet to hear the surprise in her voice and then to see the designer Niki Kapoor just smiling at both covers and approval on the model moms face, what a relief.... remember it's a lot of pressure of 'will they like it' do they like it' and I pretend to not care but I do... Its so important that people like the final portrait I shoot. Plus I always when working shoot for more than what its slated for and it seems to pay off.. The no sleep, stress and the just keep shooting until your hand is broken (it happens)..... remember photographers actually have long days, live with the photos after the shoot, submit and resubmit corrections it really is a long process from the word go... When the shoot is over for the team my work has basically just begun.... sure assistants are nice but I look at every single image, process individually if it holds merit because I have real darkroom habits and basically stop and think about the set of images as a collection. This type of obsession takes time and sure I torture myself with it but I'm ok with that.... its my process.

Many thanks to the following people and a special thank you to the handlers of Ms. Olivia for saying yes to a shoot with me.... And Ms. Olivia don't forget our conversations of your retirement plan, your mom is always right (sigh), education is key, and never forget you are one amazing model for simply being yourself at all times. 

Shoot Team :
Olivia Pires - Clark/NYC via Evolution/NC
Leigh Jones - Location Coordinator
K.D. - Location 
Adrian D. Howe - MUA
Larry D. Webb - Hairstylist
Charlotte Style - Media
Bridgett West - Publisher
Niki Kapoor - Nika Designs
Custom Shop - Jeweler
KK Bloom - Accessories