Friday, May 11, 2012

Charming Charleston - Charleston, South Carolina

Charming Charleston - Charleston, South Carolina
Thanks to Style Media for scheduling this shoot and publishing my editorial in both Charlotte Style Magazine and Carolina Style Magazine. Additional phrases goes to Vendue Inn for use of your interior. You will notice the Charlotte Style 8pg. spread above large to show the 'in print' (left) and 'master' (right) and just below the final 6pg. spread in Carolina Style. 
What a great shoot and shoot team. My subjects were pretty special too. Anna Lassiter is also a designer who has shown during Charleston Fashion Week. She is quite a public figure as well in Charleston as she was stopped on the street for a few hellos. Jay Byars is on the current season of Survivor on CBS. I did tune in for 15 mins to discover he cleans up well and know Jay can keep a secret. I tried to find out who won and basically he cant discuss one word but it was fun trying. 
Thank You 
featured designer:  JLINSNIDER
publications: Charlotte Style Magazine 8pgs, Carolina Style Magazine 6pgs

**this was such a great shoot I plan to pull my favorites over the next few weeks I could post more**