Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Follow the Journey to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York

Erin is pleased to announce a project. As a representative of  STYLE Media she is required to document the journey of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York. You will be able to follow her social media or view the journey first with STYLE directly.

As you are aware Erin has a passion for photography and is not timid when it comes to shooting to tell a story. She often documents her personal journey from airport to location such as her image in Portland, Oregon. This image contained racks of product shrouded in plastic and tent covered. Erin takes pride in putting her client first while being discrete visually. When viewing her feeds you may notice additional visual hints. Erin states "People can be lazy and my job is to not spoon feed them visual in my personal feeds but client feeds yes. My job is to make the client happy, then myself and hopefully others will see something unique". Erin's assignment dates are September 6th-13th. She will extend her journey with additional projects and invites you to follow this as well and adds "What would you like to see? I would love to know, email me."

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