Sunday, July 5, 2015

Carolina Style SS15 - Cover & Portrait Stories

A total of 12 portraits were shot for and cover STYLE The Carolinas Most Stylish 2015 book produced by STYLE Media. STYLE Media includes Carolina Style, Charlotte Style and Style Charleston.  

A Few Portrait Stories

Todd Albaum 
I photographed Todd in his location. Noticing his foot traffic my goal became keeping it simple. I decided to select a simple vignette background and move forward. The master image is on the left of the book page.

Tie My Knot
Leone and Kim were photographed on the third floor of the Dye Stuff building. When they arrived I decided to photograph them in a more intimate way as business partners in natural light. We left my space, took a seat on the 3rd floor and had great conversation.

MAP Management
Patrick, Ayman & Alejandro who is who I cant remember because they felt more like a a team with unique personalities. The painting was my suggested background when asked. Being a nice group of guys promising the art has not been in print I knew this was the background. It was important to them so it was my goal. Master image on the left.

Heather McDonnell
How to photograph a popular cupcake maker. Laugh because we both know its going to happen. What I like most about the image it has hints of sexy cupcake maker. You may notice in the master image on the left showing a touch of leg while the background weight draws you into her beautiful inviting eye color. She was simply a delight to meet and easy to photograph. 

Mike Watson
After chatting on a rainy day over coffee we shot his portrait.  The master image on the left you will notice a calm vibe that Mike possesses in his arm lean with the weight of the background centered on his eyes to pull the viewer in. It was a nice cup of coffee and conversation.

Dion Williams
 Dion brought his family and I used this to my advantage. We met at the NASCAR museum to capture his portrait as he is pro football turned pro NASCAR. I felt a different portrait vibe when meeting his family so we moved to the Convention Center. What you will notice in the master image on the left is Dions relaxed posture. This is where I took advantage of my opportunity by asking his wife to assist with frame approval(s). I find asking a loved one if this 'looks real' works very well. A pure side note Dions wife is also into cars and has a career to envy.