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Commercial, fashion & fine art photographer Erin L. Hubbs has photographed in markets such as France, Germany, Italy and The United States of America. Her work was exhibited during Format Festival Munich, Germany, Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week Germany, and Fashion Coterie in New York City. Additional work has been documented in Atlanta, Berlin, Charleston, Charlotte, Miami, New York, Paris, and Rome to name a few. She has been in print and or has covered publications regionally, nationally, internationally including publications extending through March 2017. Publications include but not limited to Seventeen Magazine, Dwell Magazine, O© Magazine, Carolina Style Magazine(s), and Robb Report Luxury Magazine.

Erin has photographed figures such as but not limited to Designers Oscar dela Renta, Brandon Sun, Nikki Kapoor, Trina Turk, Betsey Johnson, and Cynthia Rowley. TV personalities include but not limited to Gretchen Rossie of Bravos Real Housewives of Orange County, and Keenya Hill of Americas Next Top Model and COVERGIRL©. Additional personalities include but not limited to, Russell Simmons, Lala Anthony, Kevin Liles, Arianna Huffington, Curtis Stone, Fat Joe, and Damon John. Her work is also on public display in The Charlotte Douglas International Airport and was named one of ‘Who’s Who’ in photography for her black and white portraiture. Erin has covered multiple New York Fashion Week(s) proper and the first Council of Fashion Designers of America Mens New York Fashion Week by invitation. She has been invited to and or slated to cover New York Fashion Week. Los Angeles Fashion Week, Miami Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, & Spain Fashion Week. Her work has been highlighted by CFDA including member designers.

Erin seeks to push her limits whether documenting fashion, commercial or portraiture and when asked her limitations her response is " Let's discuss your goals, mine is to photograph Jay Z in the subway, so think big". This positive attitude including her fun loving personality and willingness to travel makes Erin a favorite among people who desire a creative path to photography.

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Carolina Style SS15 - Entertainment Cover & Portrait Stories

A total of 12 portraits were shot for and cover STYLE The Carolinas Most Stylish 2015 book produced by STYLE Media. STYLE Media includes Carolina Style, Charlotte Style and Style Charleston.  
A Few Portrait Stories Entertainment

Richard Petty

Richard Petty The King Of NASCAR what more can I say. Yes, Mr. Petty is very kind and alive with personality. This shoot I had choices of locations including the museum and garage locations. When someone mentioned his family home under renovation I was more than happy to sign the release  when offered. The home is located on the museum property that was his family home now under renovation to be included in his museum. To not select the obvious icon item then to take someone of his importance on a blind shoot was a risk. The location once inside became obvious.  Mr. Petty is sitting on his homestead family room hearth. Once the shoot was over the final image felt purposeful as it accents the importance of his interview his foundation and not fame.

I do have a few funny stories but if I told you I asked him to sing happy birthday on video to a friend you may think less of me..... but I did & he did. Thank you to Mr. Petty for a wonderful portrait session.

Melinda Morris Zanoni
Melinda is a bio-coastal high power entertainment attorney with a public relations team. The interview was interesting as a photographer. She was comfortable being around cameras, it was a nice treat. Her casual but business demeanor translates well to her story. I generally have a take away story. Mine would be her reference to a brilliant talent, immediately the secret club members made a connection.

The Rucker Sisters
The Rucker Sisters are WeTV television reality personalities. This image was documented in a space used for show interviews. Understanding industry standard would be to showcase ultra sexy including individually powerful poses as a collection I thought why. We shot as a family after all they are sisters. I was fortunate to document their interview but found myself sitting at the table enjoying their interview like I was a Rucker sister. It was a great interview, fun casual shoot with glam.

Carolina Style SS15 - Fashion/Arts Cover & Portrait Stories

A total of 12 portraits were shot for and cover STYLE The Carolinas Most Stylish 2015 book produced by STYLE Media. STYLE Media includes Carolina Style, Charlotte Style and Style Charleston.  
A Few Portrait Stories Fashion/Arts

Gregory Albert
After meeting Gregory a couple of times it was a pleasure photographing him in his location Douglas Montaldos Furs. He was more than accommodating allowing me to place him with the main display fur. I fell in love with the colors in the natural light of the window and felt it would complement his wardrobe and smile.

Keith Cradle
Keith is one of those people with unique star quality. I'm uncertain what his future direction is as we hinted politics and his lips were sealed. His current work is community/arts based including chairing several boards. Being smart I hitched my support to any of his future endeavors as I am a fan of the photographer Peter Souza story. 

Linda Martinez
Linda is special to me. We have worked together on a few magazine spreads and her professional attitude on set is extremely desirable. Linda's eye for fashion is a rare talent. Watching her work she is decisive with selections and has a way to make her subject feel comfortable in clothing. When a subject is styled by Linda I know the shoot is going to be successful. Linda's fashion success can be noticed with her consistent television appearances and now ownership of her new boutique in desirable Plaza Midwood. I can only suggest to get StyledNow with Linda before you can't make your appointment.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Carolina Style SS15 - Cover & Portrait Stories

A total of 12 portraits were shot for and cover STYLE The Carolinas Most Stylish 2015 book produced by STYLE Media. STYLE Media includes Carolina Style, Charlotte Style and Style Charleston.  

A Few Portrait Stories

Todd Albaum 
I photographed Todd in his location. Noticing his foot traffic my goal became keeping it simple. I decided to select a simple vignette background and move forward. The master image is on the left of the book page.

Tie My Knot
Leone and Kim were photographed on the third floor of the Dye Stuff building. When they arrived I decided to photograph them in a more intimate way as business partners in natural light. We left my space, took a seat on the 3rd floor and had great conversation.

MAP Management
Patrick, Ayman & Alejandro who is who I cant remember because they felt more like a a team with unique personalities. The painting was my suggested background when asked. Being a nice group of guys promising the art has not been in print I knew this was the background. It was important to them so it was my goal. Master image on the left.

Heather McDonnell
How to photograph a popular cupcake maker. Laugh because we both know its going to happen. What I like most about the image it has hints of sexy cupcake maker. You may notice in the master image on the left showing a touch of leg while the background weight draws you into her beautiful inviting eye color. She was simply a delight to meet and easy to photograph. 

Mike Watson
After chatting on a rainy day over coffee we shot his portrait.  The master image on the left you will notice a calm vibe that Mike possesses in his arm lean with the weight of the background centered on his eyes to pull the viewer in. It was a nice cup of coffee and conversation.

Dion Williams
 Dion brought his family and I used this to my advantage. We met at the NASCAR museum to capture his portrait as he is pro football turned pro NASCAR. I felt a different portrait vibe when meeting his family so we moved to the Convention Center. What you will notice in the master image on the left is Dions relaxed posture. This is where I took advantage of my opportunity by asking his wife to assist with frame approval(s). I find asking a loved one if this 'looks real' works very well. A pure side note Dions wife is also into cars and has a career to envy. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Life In Myers Park - Cover

The Life In Myers Park - Cover
My portrait work The Life In Myers Park magazine May 2015 cover and artist feature. Artist Angela Nesbit was styled by Linda Martinez of Styled Now for her artist themed portrait shoot. 

In print shown left - full image shown right.

Erin L. Hubbs - Photographer 

Linda Martinez Styled Now

Anglea Nesbit
The Life In Myers Park

Monday, February 2, 2015

Dwell Magazine - February 2015

Dwell Magazine - February 2015
My product work shot for Modern Wood Bowls is featured in Dwell Magazine - Modern Market. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New York - Colsten

New York - Colsten

The following image set refelects a sample of what was shot in New York City. To view a larger collection feel free to view the Fashion Film above. 

Shoot Info Linked
Designer - Colsten, Caeli Colsten    

Photographer - Erin L. Hubbs

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Betsey Johnson - The Winter Book

Betsey Johnson - The Winter Book 
 interview with Bridgette Wright

The portraits above reflect fashion designer Betsey Johnson and accompany an interview by Bridgette West. Available in The Winter Book produced by Style Media.

A New York Minute

A New York Minute
The images above reflect my work as in print in The Winter Book, Style Media. 

Publication: The Winter Book 
Makeup & Hair Artist: Benjamas Puttiwongsasoontorn (Ann) 
Model - Actress: Precious Muir 
Wardrobe Stylist: Da' Mara Altman
Nail Care: Aneeka Johnson
Photographer: Erin L. Hubbs
Location: Astor on Park 
Central Park West, New York 
Thank you Arie & Style Media 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Oscar de la Renta - The Winter Book

Oscar de la Renta  
The Winter Book interview with Bridgette Wright

The portrait and in crowd image above reflect fashion designer Oscar de la Renta and accompany an interview by Bridgette West. Available in The Winter Book produced by Style Media.