Monday, July 6, 2015

Carolina Style SS15 - Entertainment Cover & Portrait Stories

A total of 12 portraits were shot for and cover STYLE The Carolinas Most Stylish 2015 book produced by STYLE Media. STYLE Media includes Carolina Style, Charlotte Style and Style Charleston.  
A Few Portrait Stories Entertainment

Richard Petty

Richard Petty The King Of NASCAR what more can I say. Yes, Mr. Petty is very kind and alive with personality. This shoot I had choices of locations including the museum and garage locations. When someone mentioned his family home under renovation I was more than happy to sign the release  when offered. The home is located on the museum property that was his family home now under renovation to be included in his museum. To not select the obvious icon item then to take someone of his importance on a blind shoot was a risk. The location once inside became obvious.  Mr. Petty is sitting on his homestead family room hearth. Once the shoot was over the final image felt purposeful as it accents the importance of his interview his foundation and not fame.

I do have a few funny stories but if I told you I asked him to sing happy birthday on video to a friend you may think less of me..... but I did & he did. Thank you to Mr. Petty for a wonderful portrait session.

Melinda Morris Zanoni
Melinda is a bio-coastal high power entertainment attorney with a public relations team. The interview was interesting as a photographer. She was comfortable being around cameras, it was a nice treat. Her casual but business demeanor translates well to her story. I generally have a take away story. Mine would be her reference to a brilliant talent, immediately the secret club members made a connection.

The Rucker Sisters
The Rucker Sisters are WeTV television reality personalities. This image was documented in a space used for show interviews. Understanding industry standard would be to showcase ultra sexy including individually powerful poses as a collection I thought why. We shot as a family after all they are sisters. I was fortunate to document their interview but found myself sitting at the table enjoying their interview like I was a Rucker sister. It was a great interview, fun casual shoot with glam.