Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oscar de la Renta - one on one interview

I had the privilege of documenting a one on one interview with Oscar de la Renta and the publisher Bridgett West of Charlotte Style Magazine this past Saturday morning. Yes, it was amazing and when I received word of this interview I was actually on location at the Mint Museum of Art shooting behind the scenes stills and exclusive video of the Oscar show.... (hours and hours of image art heaven. I will show more of that later)... but the point is I was already in heaven could it get better and yes it did.... It just grew!

The morning of the shoot I have to admit I was very quite and looked well tired as I was processing/loading images until 5am. Good news is I was not to tired shoot a lot of B&W images. Yes, I shot someone extremely important in the fashion world in mostly B&W..... It was strange to take that type of risk when photographers  just ‘flip’ photos to B&W and I do not believe in this practice... So I just dug in and shot how I wanted they way I like... Again thats the beauty of working with a publisher who embraces creativity. Yes the interview was amazing as he sang to the publisher and yes I have those photos... so fun and I also have one that I could just cry over it’s so beautiful but it was not chosen for print/web so I will hang tight to this beautiful classic smiling shot just for me...
 I did ask for a photo of us just before we left the interview. To be perfectly honest and as I stated to Oscar de la Renta I knew it was extremely unprofessional but I just have to ask... He basically made me feel like a million dollars for a few seconds and had me asking myself is this guy part of my family.. I mean he makes you feel like you are a family member...sounds strange but true.  When the entire visual collection of my Oscar experience is available I will be sure to share.

 To view additional images scheduled for web and or print for this interview click here then see gallery "interview final"

**keep this link in your browser for additional images from my Oscar de la Renta fashion experience over the next week or so....thank you for viewing.