Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ms. Megan Scott

Ms. Megan currently resides in NY City and is under management. The fun story is she was accompanied by her father from start to finish during this shoot. Megan and her father went to Salon Vivace where Larry reworked her hair and  then she was off to sit in Adrians chair for makeup, several wardrobe changes then to my disappointment it was late & over.....   But what a great time.  It was kind of Megan and her father to take this valuable time before she left for NY to hang with us. I do have a feeling Megan and her father had a great time.... ok so I know we all did we talked art, books, hiking, and have inside joke lines such as "Going somewhere good" ....

Many Thanks to -  
The happy Megan Scott for modeling and working her magic and I wish you much success.
Professional hairstylist Larry D. Webb, Senior Stylist/Colorist - Salon Vivace for amazing hair.

As a side note I shot this in black and white because I was feeling it. Kendrick really chose some amazing clothes that to me just screamed for black & white. (treat coming soon)