Tuesday, August 23, 2011

WEB GIRL CAMPAIGN - Charlotte Style Magazine

Oh wow its here... and starting to filter out.... all the hard work by everyone involved with the next issue of Charlotte Style Magazine is starting to filter out... I'm just so excited to announce several things but the photo tell is all.... SO exciting!!!!

Photographer - Erin L. Hubbs
MUA - Adrian D. Howe
Hair - Larry D. Webb
Web Campaign Girl - Megan Scott
Clothing - KK Bloom 

Wow this is so exciting for many reasons but mostly because I've been in hiding for a while and just now I can show one of the reasons why.... SO SO COOL!!!! The lower image is the master and the info sheet is what happened to it... I have to admit its so well done.. so not junked up or cluttered it's so Charlotte Style so cool and classy.. SWEET!!!!