Friday, September 2, 2011

Fashions Night Out New York

Great news.... I have the privilege of covering Fashions Night Out New York for Charlotte Style Magazine. You will notice random updates during these events. The purpose is to document my no sleep, slamming coffee journey in the pool of fashion and people. Once I return and things settle from fashion week I will have a packaged image collection that will be hosted with Charlotte Style Magazine actually prior to ever getting home then my version for me when things settle. If you are a fashion person I suggest keep your digital eye on CSM the days of. My information including the team on the ground will be updating as events happen on web/twitter /facebook/blogs... believe me if the media outlet is available it will be posted... really I just hand stuff off to the person who has that job and move forward.. 

I will be posting to my social media locations once the story hits for the magazine. I will also share random things I know will not run and shot just for me type of thing. This could be a lot of fun or a total underestimation of the time I have from location to location. This is my plan but pushing the button comes first and my social media showoff is ‘so’ later. I understand the marketing value of social media so “bless my little social medias heart” it’s getting ready to take a visual beating. So if by chance you follow my social media just know it could be painful but I’m having a lot of fun!

Take care,