Monday, October 31, 2011

The Light Factory Contemporary Museum of Photography and Film - Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

A beautiful diamond necklace from Diamonds Direct Southpark and a Photo Shoot with me are up for grabs during The Light Factory Contemporary Museum of Photography and Film 30th Annual Art Auction. Its exciting for several reasons but most important to bring attention to the arts is key... So buy a ticket, show some love for the arts, bid now or later just bid/buy/support, I'm counting on you readers to show some love for the arts.... if you can't buy share the auction info in your social media let's all work together to show support, links below.

The exciting thing for me was being asked to accompany a diamond necklace due to my fashion photography background. To know I hold a value with the arts for shooting portraiture &  fashion is really amazing. Again to be asked is key for me... I have been a volunteer for a long time so when they call I say yes even before a finished sentence. To know I'm on this auction ticket & I could keep the lights on for 1/2 a day is worth it to me to just say yes when I answer the phone. 

I also have to laugh knowing after the stunts I have pulled of bringing in custom sets to christen, live plants even trees and processing all my photos after the shoots (I'm a control freak, thanks) these people really must be crazy like me.. Just crazy about the arts! It makes me think back to my first volunteer position for TLF I was a shy props girl and now look I'm on the ticket with a diamond necklace. I blogged about it last month when I was asked so again no matter what I recommend to all photographers just dig in and support the arts and NEVER think what do I get in return... because you should know supporting the arts is fashionable... and maybe one day you can be on the block with a diamond necklace.. I never dreamed this would happen and truly flattered The Light Factory thought of me... Many thanks to The Light Factory!

direct link to auction info

direct link Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend