Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dana Jennings - Charlotte Style Magazine


Dana Jennings - Charlotte Style Magazine
Dana Jennings, Charlotte Style Magazine wait a minute she is wearing a million dollar ring, ears dripping with gems, swinging a Halston purse out on the town.... and two of the six looks just did not make the cut.. OH the clothing was not quite what someone as amazing as Dana would wear... Well I see what your saying.... it does not matter how expensive the item is if it does not work it does not work. Dana is working those clothes though check her out working those shoulders, head tilt and proper hand placement.... she rocked those super expensive, unique clothes but they got 'chopped'.

The posts above reflect out takes I really like but the 4 looks make the cut and then the two skirt looks well those hit the cutting room floor.. and I see why its just not Dana. Although Charlotte Style uses models we also respect nature of who they are... Dana is just to lively for the wardrobe/images with the scissors chopping the photo, we new it the day of but that was the assignment so it was shot. I thought the scissors and truth of the images could be informational because really just because you shoot it that does not mean it will run..... sad but thats how things work. 

photo: Erin L. Hubbs
mua: Danielle Maddox
hairstylist: Larry D. Webb