Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wow six advertisements REALLY How - Charlotte Style Magazine Fall 2011

Wow six advertisements REALLY How - Charlotte Style Magazine Fall 2011
Wow six advertisements REALLY How, Oh I would love to say it's because I'm cool but it's not. Read the snip its to find out how this happened.
Adrian D. Howe - If you follow my blog or know me you know Adrian and I work together all the time so this was ALMOST a given but wait... if you follow her you would see she is rocking it and has a giant collection of work with other photographers so really I got lucky because believe me she does not play favorites... yeah breaks my heart too... 

Pink Hanger - I must confess when the scheduling dance happened with this shoot due to seasonal clothing arrivals It was easy for me to score this shoot. Meaning the first photographer scheduled for this was booked... So when the chance to shoot Ms. Dana Jennings opened I promptly grab it because I wanted it anyway. I think Dana is a great model and nails every frame while having fun. We shot in store, moved a few things around and the staff of Pink Hanger basically said have fun so we did.... Thank you Dana!!

Stylish Reads - Oh come on you know Charlotte Style Magazines Web Girl by now and yes the Web Girl reads... she does a lot you will see in time. So far she has given you invites on a sliver platter and toasted you with Waterford Crystal  now she is holding a real hardback book challenging you to read... oh she has more tricks up her sleeve so stay tuned to Charlotte Style for her next appearance.

Salon Vivace - You would think this would be a easy sell... well ladies and gentlemen just because I know Larry - Salon Vivace Soutpark does not mean its going to be my photo in a Salon Vivace ad.  Salon Vivace has a national campaign, 13 or more locations in the US and Canada and being in this industry they have lots of photographers they work with. Basically I got lucky this image was submitted to the owner and he liked it. From what I gathered  the image basically sells a lifestyle. After hearing this I took a second look at it. I find it does because really I may not look like this model but when I leave Larry at Salon Vivace after my appointment I feel like she looks.... happy. Oh perfect skin too.... yes this is really her skin no photoshop tricks promise... scroll in it's at 300 dpi... Basically I'm so flattered the owner approved this.

KK Bloom - Im thrilled this image made the cut. The owner of KK Bloom works with a lot of photographers, I know has distinct taste, and could use any image she wanted to. So it just thrills me to see this 'little cat fight' image being used this was a great shoot. Im glad to see it and surprised to see it.

Fresh - I have to admit I have admired this store window for well ever. This window is located in Charlotte and I'm from Charlotte.. Oh I have a thing for windows and its not a recent thing (don't ask). So knowing this ad was slated to shoot I took it.. Yes at first I assigned someone to this boutique but the photographer theme I felt would not work for the mood of this store. So basically to not crush this photographers creative concept we discussed this and moved forward to a new project, so the photographers slot opened and I took it. I spoke with the owner and she embraced the window idea so we went for it.. Shot late night with Ms. Paige it was a blast. I love night photography plus a daytime shot would be expected. I wanted to slow things down a bit but did add one studio light. Thank you Ms. Paige for playing in the window you did a great job. 

So basically looking over the visual content I'm left thinking a few things.. and the most important is I feel pretty honored to have photographed the people in the ads and then wow six different ads all different thats pretty cool these images were used because they crossed several people for the 'ok'.