Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Embracing Out Takes While Landing in Comfort


Embracing Out Takes While Landing in Comfort
My mind keeps thinking about this set of out takes (handful shown above). The photos I decided to cut and why did I do this. This takes me to the first set of images labeled 1. These were fun just playing shots but if you notice she is falling... she stops, slowly tips, arms open, then lands so relaxed this is exactly what a shoot like this feels like... breath, arms out, fall in and relax. 

Believe it a lot of pressure rides on the photographer well chances are good it's self imposed but... say a shoot like this.. On set I had the actual designer, a magazine publisher, model, hair stylist, makeup artist, location owner, recommendation for location, custom jewelry included boutique jewelry and the designers two assistants oh video being shot. So knowing my job is to please everyone with my finals, location backdrop, lighting and well with a model like this she knows what to do but still I have to get the angle on what she gives. With I believe a total of 5 gowns to shoot so that means fun downtime watching them work or well that's what I do while setting up the next shot. Sometimes I find out that what I want for the background is not going to work so it's changing time during this gown... So people are relaying on the final product is really what I should say and I'm at the end of the models line when she jumps from station to station.... remember she hits every department, crazy right.

After hitting every station its my turn. What I quickly figured out is without a proactive shoot team and I mean all of the people listed above you never have outtakes like these examples shown here. What you will see here are some processed images and some half processed or none at all but the point is without team work my outtakes would never look so pretty. Also I think it has to do with the organic manor that most of the people I work with come with. One thing I do have to take pride in is working closely with my subjects. Really some of the out takes are just hilarious... what this tells me is this subject enjoyed the experience from station to station.... and that's where the soft landing in the first set of images leaves me... it leaves me with the thought of how lucky I feel to be surrounded with such talented happy people. 

Sure this shoot team has names and that's a whole new blog post. The point is a lot rides on photographers but when I work with great people I can open your arms to embrace them and land comfortably knowing they would understand the explanation of what got cut because after all its their art too...... 

breath, arms out, fall in and relax.