Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Niki Kapoor Nika Designs Cover 1 of 2 - Charlotte Style Magazine

Niki Kapoor Nika Designs Cover 1 of  2 - Charlotte Style Magazine
It's one thing to shoot a designers work and its another when you shoot a designer and her work all in one day... meaning oh wow the designer is on set. I arrived nervous and left feeling like this was the best shoot I ever. Meaning this shoot was rewarding for many reasons.... 

This shoot took on a life of its own. The first thing out of the gate was one of the beauty editors of Charlotte Style mentioned Niki Kapoor, her work but most important he stressed her charity. So when the green light was given by our publisher my thought was where, I know the perfect model but where. Then comes my friend of many years Leigh Jones. She stopped by one day and asked 'so what ya got going on'... So I did one of those "Pssstttt its secret but" then Leigh said I think I have something for you. These friends of mine have this amazing private home and get this they are builders from India... Leigh delivered this strange cosmic connections of sorts. We visited the location and the owner of the home KD was so nice. I thought this must be a dream but again this was a baby step to the cosmic connection. We really had a blast visiting KD as she just made you feel at ease in her beautiful home. I wanted to move in I felt so welcome. Many thanks to KD and her husband for hosting this shoot. 

The day of the shoot I arrived with a slight plan but knew it was best to be organic. Meaning allow the artists to be artists. The shoot team that day was Larry D. Webb on hair and Adrian D. Howe as the mua and Ms. Olivia as our model. This team is always a treat to work with... but then the actual designer portraits for the artical. The publisher ordered up a softer background for the cover photograph or what could be the cover... So once this was shot the publisher and subject approved we moved forward to the other images in this artical. Keep in mind my goal was to use as many different backgrounds in the beautiful home as possible to give each shot a new look. We nailed it ok so this home is so georgus we basically worked in the main entry and formal living room and were done. I could not believe how stunning this home is.... so many shots every turn you make... it was a dream location. 

The important information I'm leaving out is the cosmic connection that was made with Niki her mother and KD the home owner... So catch this they are all from the same home town in India... What are the chances of this happening.. Then the next is Niki is building a home for children in India and the home owner and her husband are builders from India building communities in the US... How did my friend Leigh peg this, how did she make this cosmic connection without knowing it was. So wild. 

Then the entire story took on a life of its own when Niki was interviewed during the gown shoot. The writer and Niki disappeared for a long while during the model/gown shoot. I knew once the writer came up for air with the look on her face she was bitten by the bug of SEED. Basically I would love to tell you the entire story of SEED but feel its something best left to the writer... BUT basically its to assist children all over the world. For the children who have been written off by socitey (yes it happens) to give them education and stabality to ensure a full life as a child to adult... Really the concept is amazing and Niki has been setting the ground work for five years in India and will take her mission to other countries. The reason for India first is because this is her home and has a group of professionals working on the ground right now.... really this story is so much bigger than I could ever express in a blog... so check out www.charlottestylemag.com to read the story. 

What this shoot taught me was to think global, never be nervous and some subjects really prefer to be behind the scenes shedding light on a bigger issue most people never see. So thank you Niki for putting me at ease by being yourself. I suggest everyone take a look S.E.E.D. and see how you may assits with this global crisis, believe me I'm on the volunteer list... see I already forgot she is a international designer with work in no less than 13 countries and I was lucky enough to photograph her...  This cover video for Niki is short and sweet because really I have a feeling Niki would prefer less attention on her and more attention to the information at the end of the video. 

Thank you to the enitre shoot team this day and to Leigh for creating this cosmic connection.