Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Stephanie Rauch, Ph.D. - really cool client Sept/Oct print

Stephanie Rauch, Ph. D.   -  really cool client Sept/Oct print
After my last blog post I thought about the comment of me not caring about being in print for few mins. I think the statement should be I care about a happy client more than I care about being in print. How photo shoots work for me its always based on enjoying the shoot first because if everyone is not happy it will not go well.. Then the next part of the shoot for me is... a happy client and most of them are private... meaning most images I shoot never hit this blog because its for the client use and really it would bore you if you actually read and follow this blog. How many people do people need to see before its a total happy fest..... so when the client is happy I'm happy. 

I remember Stephanie requesting images for publication from her business shoot... So we did that and she even mentioned the time frame they would hit and to be honest I believe they hit some national big time "smart people" magazine(s)..... remember she is a Ph. D. with a really cool job, maybe a few months ago.. Anyway after my last post I thought you are in print somewhere...... think Erin think where is this stuff you need to work on this.. So after dinner this evening I pulled a few magazines from racks and the one I was looking for was not in site but I found cool Stephanie. So with that said it hit September so not to bad only a monthish out. So my goal is to backtrack on publications ok so that sounds good today but don't hold me to it... remember I had a Americas top model and cover girl Keenya Hill including a cover and I totally space this when it hit... I still have MBNYFW to brag about but its all so over.... 

Above is a photo of the actual magazine and my photo is the happy cool chick on the left. I Also pulled two from the series. We shot several backgrounds to work with her over all look. I had to post the chair with dog photo.. I'm a dog fan so if you know me this is expected and the other is Stephanie working a facet of her magic.. I'm sort of laughing as I remember this shoot because it was casual & easy going. Thank you Stephanie for a cool casual business shoot.