Monday, February 27, 2012

Being Grateful

Being Grateful 
Over the past few months I have discovered a lot. The most important is when I stop to think about my photo journey is I feel grateful for everyone who has crossed my path, people who have said yes, to those who have shown me a path and those who cheer for me. Its strange to say but my journey has been pretty wild when I stop to think about it. Long nights/days, high coffee intake and often laughing at GPS because truth be known the colors on the map create pretty patterns and what direction is that arrow pointing... who knows .. its what I make of it and if it ends tomorrow I would be sad but very proud to have met some amazing people and grateful to those who have opened doors and those who laugh with me knowing I just carried 65lbs of gear in 29 degree weather wearing one glove 7 blocks because I believe that's part of my journey. 

Again many thanks to everyone I'm grateful!

ps... I'm a photographer not a writer sorry my writer friends I know you just dropped your head in shame but you love me & I love you! & my bestie for showing me music is a great friend :)