Friday, March 9, 2012

Gretchen Rossi - Real House Wives of Orange County


Gretchen Rossi - Real House Wives of Orange County
The Gretchen Rossie shoot took place in New York and is published in Linger Magazine. I regrouped with JPO Concepts of New York for the location. The actual location is in Soho and named Prince Street Penthouse, with a name like that it’s a must have. We incorporated the rooftop patio area and utilized the skyline view. I promised myself every time I could shoot on a fire escape as a nod to Karl Lagerfeld  I would so we tagged it (minus the scissor lift). The building entry has a beautiful set of doors and with the stunning Nika gown as suggested by the mua Jami Svay this scene was perfectly sexy. Then we hit the street to “grab a cab”. Shooting the cab was a blast. I have never laughed so hard ‘with’ a subject, it was fun. 

This shoot team was a group of artists coming together to create a final look. With that said it really was a shoot with artists, Gretchen is one too. Not only was she nice but has a fun artistic vibe. Many thanks to everyone for a great day and to the shot team for sharing your beautiful work. I promised myself to keep blogs short 'so' below you will notice a few b&w images plus a shoot video to be released. Thank you for viewing and again many thanks to everyone.

Location | JPO Concepts | Prince Street Penthouse
Makeup | Jami Svay |
Gowns | Nika |
Wardwrobe | Damara Altman |
Hairstylist | Yajaira Daniel |
Photo | Erin L. Hubbs | 
Publication | Linger | Linger Magazine

* Extra exciting news - Gretchen posed for one of my photo series (not shown) and you know I could not resist shooting a few in black and white. The roof top lighting/skyline, the stunning Nika Gown with all the glamour of Hollywood in New York it felt natural... additional b&w are shown in the shoot video.. 


Again thank you to everyone.